Policy and legislative analyses can include the independent review and analysis of proposed legislation, the implementation of existing policies, and general policy questions. For proposed legislation, these reviews can assess the fiscal impact to jurisdictions, analyze the comprehensive proposal behind the legislation, and provide sensible recommendations for improvement. The analysis of implemented policies can evaluate the implementation of ordinances, laws, and regulations for efficiency and effectiveness.

Policy and legislative analyses may include:

  • Fiscal analysis of proposed legislation and/or contracts and review of related financing plans and debt management
  • Comprehensive evaluation of prospective revenue and expenditures associated with proposed legislation
  • Analysis of general policy questions or ideas, including limited surveys or benchmarking if appropriate
  • Analysis of implemented policies, including limited benchmarking if appropriate

The benefits of policy and legislative analyses include:

  • Verification of the appropriateness of the expenditure levels associated with proposed legislation
  • Confirmation of the thoroughness of the proposed legislation and recommendations for improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Assessment of a project’s financial position before committing funds
  • An understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of existing policies with recommendations for improvements